Pomegranate Database

» The database contains all the varieties of pomegranates that we have currently growing in our test orchards

» The database will regularly be updated and enlarged.

» We regret but none of these varieties are currently available except the ones listed under Available Varieties

» All the information is subject to the terms and conditions stated in the Indemnity section as per landing page.

» All-information and evaluations are based on growing conditions in the far Southern Gauteng Province area where we are situated. (Similar to USA Zone 8)

» Please note that fruit(colour, size, taste) can vary considerably from one area to the next as local climatic conditions play a very big role in their development. The colour of photographs can also be deceiving or variable in some cases.

» It is very difficult to identify and to distinguish between the different varieties of pomegranates.

» Just as Figs, some pomegranate varieties are known by many different names in different parts of the world that leads to further confusion.

Choosing a Variety

» There are well over 1000 varieties of pomegranates known to exist today.

» South Africa only has a few dozen varieties availabe but luckily they are some of the better ones.

» When it come to agricultural and commercial production I STRONGLY suggest you do further research and contact companies or organizations that specialize in this field. A few trees grown in a suburban garden is totally different to hundreds of trees grown in the open in agricultural plantings! Please see the Contacts section.

» It is very important for commercial farmers to make the right choice as this is a longterm investment. Please note that some varieties are not commercially viable for areas outside the Western Cape but some of them, however, will still give a good crop for the home gardener with the right care and treatment.

» Pomegranates are divided into three main groups: Hard seeded, semi-hard seeded and soft seeded and then furter classified as being sour, sweetsour or sweet.
When choosing a variety please consider the following:
What kind of climate do you have?

» The most important factor to consider when choosing a variety is climate.

» Severe frost and high summer rainfall and humidity is the two most limiting factors when it comes to pomegranates.

» There are several pomegranates varieties that will tolerate these conditions well and others less so.

What kind of taste do you like?

» Pomegranates are either sour, sweetsour or sweet when fully ripe.

What purpose is it for?

» Do you want to plant pomegrantes for juicing, eating, culinary or decorative purposes.

» Some pomegranates are better for juicing whilst others are for eating and culinary purposes.

» Soft seeded varieties are better for eating but are not as hardy as the hard-seeded varieties.

Do you want to plant it in a container?

» Some varieties will perform better than others in containers.

» Pomegranates can be grown in containers in areas where the soil conditions or local climate does not suit them.

What fruit colour do you prefer?

» The colour of skin can range from greenish, cream, orange to red.

» The arils(fleshy seeds) range from clear, cream, pink, orange, red, purple to black.

Useful Lists

» These lists are to be used as a rough guide only and are subject to terms as per Indemnity.

» Commercial farmers should consult with agricultural experts first and do further research before choosing a variety for mass planting.
Most commercially planted cultivars in South Africa:
1. Wonderful (almost 60% of all orchards in South Africa)
2. Acco(13%)
5.Angel Red(2%)
Most exported cultivars in South Africa:
1.Wonderful (68%)
3.Acco (9%)
5.Arakta (1%)

Commercial varieties in U.S.A.

Granada, Early Foothill, Early Wonderful and Wonderful

Commercial varieties in Europe

Mollar de Elche, Early Mollar,Valenciana.

Commercial varieties in India

Ganesh, Mridula, Alandi, Patha, Spanish Ruby, Kandahar and Baghwa.

Commercial varieties in Turkey

Hicaznar, Aka-nar and Kizi-anar

Commercial varieties in Afghanistan

Kandahar( White, red and black variations)

Commercial varieties in Israel

Wonderful, Asmar, Ras-el-Baghil, Red Lufani, Malissi


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