Recommended Books

"The Incredible Pomegranate" by Richard Ashton with Barbara Baer and David Silverstein

For me, the best all round book about pomegranates that will be understandable to the general public. Highly recommended and a must for any pomegranate fanatic. There are detailed descriptions about many varieties, how to grow and propogate pomegranates. You can order this on

"Pomegrante" by G.M. Levin, Ph.D.

World renowed for his research and large collection of pomegranates at the "Garrygala" Agricultural Research Station in Turkmenistan. This is an excellent book for all technical data about the genus Punica granatum and there are useful lists and information about the best varieties that were selected at the station. Can be ordered on

Books and Links

Pomasa -

This is the official site of the South African Pomegrante Growers Association and is highly recommended, especially for farmers or persons interested in the commercial and agricultural production of pomegranates.

Useful Contacts

Sapo Trust -

This organization promotes the variety development and commercialisation of existing and new fruit varieties. They specialize in the Agricultural sector by assisting and supplying commercial farmers in South Africa with various services.

Agricultural research council -

A large government organisation involved with the research and improvement of various agricultural food crops and farming animals in the agricultural sector. They also have a large database on useful information covering various topics of farming with food and animal crops.

Farmboek -

This is an agricultural and farming encyclopedia and business directory and also hosts a weather forecasting tool.
Farmboek is also an integrated information platform where the farmer can indentify his problem, whether it be a pest or a disease or whatever it might be, and get acces to the registered remedies for that specific problem and then get access to the local suppliers in his area.

Kobus Botha - Weather Photos of Southern Africa

This is an excellent and very comprehensive site about South African weather conditions. Also hosts short, medium and long range forecasts, soil moisture conditions, etc.

Technical and Agricultural

For technical & agricutural advice for application to commercial production, you can contact one of the following organizations: (Please note that consultation fees may be charged).

» Keith Wilson (Colorsfruit) Email:

» Western Cape Department of Agriculture:

» Sapo Trust:

» Citrogold:

» Stargrow:

» Alternafruit: