» Please see Stockists to find out where you can find your nearest supplier.

» Insist on buying the quality "Giving Trees" brand. Please note that our plants are only sold in 23cm, 30cm or 35cm black pots and every plant should display our distinctive tag! (To make sure: buy our plants only from the list of suppliers mentioned in the Stockists section!)

» The "Giving Trees" logo is a registered Trademark. Our tags (labels) are subject to copyright and are only to be used on plants grown by us (please report any misuse of our logo or tags)

» We are currently growing 15 varieties of pomegranates commercially.

» The variety will increase annually but this is a slow process to build up enough mother stock(propagating material) from only a few plants that were initially availabe.

» All information are subject to terms and conditions stated in Indemnity as per our landing page.
(for more detailed information about each variety, please see Pomegranate Database)