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List of Contributors

I would like to sincerely thank the following people and organizations as without their help this site would not have been accomplished:

1. Keith Wilson a.k.a. "The Fig Man" - one of South Africa's leading authorities on fig production as well as other crops like pomegranates, cherries etc. Thank you for your contribution to the fruit industry. This humble guy deserves a lot more recognition for his experience and for the work he has put into the industry. He assisted with the correct identification of certain fig varieties, cuttings, advice, recommendations, etc.

2. Mr. J. de V. Lotter himself and his book "The fig in South Africa" This is the best book about figs I have come across. This book comes highly recommended as the writer was an experienced senior lector of pomology at the Stellenbosch University, Western Cape. Mr. Lotter's book inspires farmers and gardeners to take a fresh look again at figs and to plant and produce them. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the South African fig industry.

3. To my business partners for supporting and "tolerating" this whole venture that took a lot of time, effort and money.

4.The following website www.figs4 is the best site about figs in the world and should be commended for their work. Furthermore, Ecanto farms in the U.S.A. has the largest collection of figs in the world (more than a staggering 1000 acessions) and is being declared as a National Heritage.

5. Thank you to all the fig fanatics around the world for keeping, expanding and conserving the huge fig gene pool created over a period of 5000 years.

6. Pierre Baud's fig website and his book "Le Figuier".

7.Thank you to the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and the Sapo Trust for providing cutting material as well as for distributing J. de V. Lotter's book "The Fig in South Africa".

8.The internet community and everybody that puts information on the World Wide Web and thus sharing information.

9. Thank you to "Bunnypants Graphic & Website design Studio" for your professionalism and dedication in designing this website.

10. Lastly but most importantly thank you to the Universe, the Creator, the Source for senses to experience the wonderful and mystical taste of fruits like figs and for their existence.