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Recommended Books

"The Fig" A monograph by Ira Condit, Hilgardia 1955

Any fig fanatic's "bible". This well known American horticulturist has spent many years documenting and researching the Ficus genus and specially Ficus carica (common fig). He travelled all over the world and documented close to 700 varieties of the common fig and published the book in 1947.

You can download the book from the following website:

"The Fig in South Africa" by J. de V. Lotter

(Also available in Afrikaans but out of print.) The information can actually be used worldwide in countries with similar climatic conditions as South Africa (international Zones 8-10)

The best book about figs and fig production in South Africa. EVERYTHING you want to know from the history of figs right down to their production and a descriptive list of varieties of figs available in South Africa that is suitable for home gardens and agricultural production. There is even a whole recipe and cooking with figs chapter!

A cleverly put together book as the information is technical enough for commercial and agricultural farmers but easy enough to be read by the general public and gardeners.

Mr. Lotter is respected in the fig industry for his valuable knowledge about fig varieties and their production and was also a well known lector of Pomology at the Stellenbosch University.

For book orders send an e-mail to:
(Distributed by the Cape Province Agricultural Department)

"Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't" by Steven Biggs

A short but sweet, easy to read and understandable book specificly written for areas with very cold winters like Canada, continental Europe, etc.

Can be ordered on

"Le Figuier - Pas a Pas by Pierre Baud

Available only in French but very informative. I have spent hours translating the text and also learnt some French in the process! A great book especially useful information on main European cultivars.

Can be ordered on

Recommended Websites

figs for fun -

The best website in the world when it comes to fig varieties!
A lot of other useful information all on one site. Their Fig Forum is highly recommended - a must for any fig fanatic. Please support them by donating to the Figs for Fun Foundation.

Pierre Baud's figs -

One of Europe's foremost fig experts and growers. Use the translator as this site is in French.

Adriano's figs -

Canada's fig expert. This site is useful for information for areas with cold winters and with descriptions of many varieties.

Trees of Joy -

Another fig fanatic's site with detailed descriptions of many varieties.

Ray's figs -

A very informative site with detailed descriptions of many varieties. The author has more than 20 years' experience.

Grow figs -

The site of Steven Biggs, the author of the book "Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't". Very informative and easy to read and understand.

Gardener's forum -

This is the internet's largest community of gardeners. Any subject concerning gardening is discussed here and, of course, a whole page devoted only to figs with stories about many fig varieties and personal experiences by gardeners.

Fig Identification -

A large collection of photos and short descriptions of many varieties found in especially Italy. Unfortunately, you will have to use the translator as this site is in Italian.

Useful Contacts

Sapo Trust -

This organization promotes the variety development and commercialisation of existing and new fruit varieties. They specialize in the Agricultural sector by assisting and supplying commercial farmers in South Africa with various services.

Agricultural research council -

A large government organisation involved with the research and improvement of various agricultural food crops and farming animals in the agricultural sector. They also have a large database of useful information covering various topics on farming with food and animal crops.

Farmboek -

This is an agricultural and farming encyclopedia and business directory and also hosts a weather forecasting tool.
Farmboek is also an integrated information platform where the farmer can indentify his problem, whether it be a pest or a disease or whatever it might be, and get acces to the registered remedies for that specific problem and then get access to the local suppliers in his area.

Kobus Botha - Weather Photos of Southern Africa

This is an excellent and very comprehensive site about South African weather conditions. Also hosts short, medium and long range forecasts, soil moisture conditions, etc.

Technical & Agricultural

For technical & agricutural advice for commercial production you can contact one of the following organizations: (Please note that there might be consultation fees charged)

 Keith Wilson (Colorsfruit) Email:

 Western Cape Department of Agriculture:

 Sapo Trust: