Ficus carica cultivar


"Col de Signora, Cuello de dama, Figues des dames, Pera, Fraga"




Seldom to none


Medium to large sized, pear shaped figs. The skin is thick and turns light greyish-purple with small skin cracks when fully ripe. The flesh is dark, ruby- red. It has a very rich, sweet taste with savoury undertones. The figs are of high quality. The neck of the figs are thick. It has a strong fig flavour.


One of the latest ripening figs. The main crop ripens from March onwards and sometimes even into winter.


*Excellent for fresh eating, drying, baking, making jams and preserves.

*It has good shelf life in cold storage and the excellent quality of the figs make them suitable for export.



Height and Spread: +4m x +4m

* Almost identical to Col de Dame Noir except that the skin colour is light greyish-purple when the figs are fully ripe.

*Rated as one of the best tasting fig varieties available. Keep in mind that taste differs though.

* It is not overly sweet with distinctive savoury undertones.

* Once establsihed it has a strong growth rate. It tends to be upright growing at first and then starts to spread out when mature.

* It has attractive leaves with many lobes. One distinctive caracteristic is that two different kind of leaves can be found on the same tree. Some will be lobbed and others will be smooth.

* The tree will need careful pruning to keep it compact and productive.

* It resist splitting well but souring can become a problem during wet, humid weather. The problem will improve if better air circulation can be provided.

*It is a moderate to good bearer.

* A very late ripening variety requiring areas with very long, hot summers.

* Tolerant of moderate to heavy frost when established.

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