Ficus carica cultivar


This is an unique strain found in South Africa.


South Africa (arrived via England but originally from France)


Yes, bears a small crop of early figs.


Bears large, fat pear shaped figs with light purple bands when fully ripe. The flesh has an unique dark red to purple colour. It is not overly sweet and has savoury undertones. The flesh has a rich, sophisticated taste and has crunchy seeds.


Very late ripening. Starts ripeningĀ from late March into April.


*Excellent for fresh eating, drying and preserves.

*It has good shelf life in cold storage.


Height and spread: +5m x +5m

*One of the oldest and most well known varieties in South Africa and documented since 1896.

*It has unmistakably large, one to three lobbed leaves.

*It is a strong, upright growing tree.

*A productive, good bearer.

*Considered an important commercial variety in South Africa as it has relatively good shelf life and also used for drying, jams and preserves.

*Tolerates light to moderate frost only and young trees will need protection from severe frost until established.

*It grows slowly during spring but growth speeds up later during the season.

*Prone to splitting and souring during wet, humid weather. It isĀ better suited to areas with very hot and dry dummers.

*Often mistaken with "Violette Dauphine, Dauphine and Black Genoa".

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