We are specialist growers of mainly top quality fig and pomegranate tree varieties. We are situated in the southern part of the Gauteng Province in South Africa.

We realised that there was a need for a bigger variety of these trees as well as better and bigger plants to be made available to the general public and so we started the “Giving Trees” range of mainly fruit-producing trees and plants.

We have an extensive collection of these plants and are also currently testing these varieties in our experimental orchards to see how they perform here on the Highveld. The only other few test orchards are all situated in the Western Cape with a totally different climate to ours.

By collecting and looking after these orchards we are also trying to preserve the precious fig and pomegranate gene pools which each consists of roughly 1000 cultivars worldwide!

Figs, pomegranates and other drought and heat tolerant fruit crops will become more popular in the future as water gets scarcer and our climate becomes hotter.

Our sincere thanks to South Africa’s top fig and pomegranate guru: “Keith Wilson” who assisted with a lot of information as well as providing some of the plant material.

| We try, as far as possible, to sell you correctly marked plants that are true to type.

| We take pride in growing only top quality, healthy plants.

| Extensive research was and still is being conducted to provide you with the best and most honest information about each specific variety.

| All our plants are already established and properly rooted into their pots. We do not sell newly planted, bare rooted stock.

| We only plant in good quality bark-based potting soil. This makes the product lightweight and easier to transport.

| Each and every plant grown is special to us and is grown with a lot of care thereby ensuring that they are happy and healthy-looking.

| Most plants are grown in black plastic pots which can be re-used.

| Each plant has its own information tag and picture.

| The “Giving Trees” website provides valuable information to the general man on the street.

| We want our plants to find happy homes and give you lots of joy. We “bless” them all before they leave!!!

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