Ficus carica x palmata hybrid cultivar(under evaluation!)


"Fall Gold""


Texas Agricultural Test Station, United States of America.


Seldom to none


Bears small round to pyriformed shaped figs. The skin turns brownish-yellow when ripe and is often striped. The flesh is ambered coloured, rich, very sweet and tasty. It has few seeds. The opening(ostiole) is sealed with nectar(syrup) when ripe.



Late season ripening. From February.


*Very good for fresh eating or jams.



Height and spread: +2,5m x +2,5m

*Has unusual "duckfeet" shaped leaves.

*The skin of ripe figs are rather unattractive but the excellent taste makes up for this.

*It is a very vigorous, upright and compact growing plant.

*It is bushy and tends to sucker.

*The small ostiole which is sealed with nectar makes the fig very resistant against souring and spoiling. It should do well in humid, wet areas.

*Was developed by the Texas Agricultural Test Station in the U.S.A. and released in 1974. This is an interspecies hybrid between Ficus carica and F. palmata.

*A very productive, heavy bearer from an young age.

*Said to tolerate light to moderate frosts only.

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